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    Asbestos Removal Inc., specializes in asbestos removal, mold and lead abatement for commercial, residential, and industrial clients.  In an effort to maintain our reputation as the contractor of choice for asbestos removal and mold/lead abatement, we complete annual external audits of our organizational work processes covering environmental management systems (EMS), workforce training, awareness and competence, document control, operational control, emergency preparedness and response, communication, and management structure and responsibility.  Below please find more detail about the necessity behind our services.

    Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos is a material that has been used in buildings (insulation, roofing, tiles, plasterboard, plumbing insulation, stucco, furnace or boiler insulation, ventilation duct insulation, and bricks) because it is strong and resistant to high heat and chemicals. Asbestos is hazardous to handle producing airborne fibers which are carcinogenic and can lead to cancer and mesothelioma.

    Different asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are removed by different methods, but it is important to remember to hire trained professionals for the proper removal of asbestos and ACMs.

    Mold and Lead Paint Abatement

    The greatest risk of injury from lead poisoning is to children under the age of seven, whose developing bodies and brains are sensitive to even small amounts of lead. Lead can leave children with irreversible injury that does not appear until many years after the exposure to lead.

    About 15 million Americans are allergic to mold. The most common reactions are flu-like symptoms and asthma. Those with chronic lung or immune problems are at risk for more serious reactions like fever, lung infections and a pneumonia-like illness.

    Mold and lead paint abatement often require detailed restoration work and a thorough understanding of the removal process. Our experienced removal workers are equipped and ready to handle all aspects of your project.

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